FAQ – You have questions? We have answers…

Q. Will I have a successful online business in only 7 days?
A. We will teach you the fundamentals to build a successful business. It usually takes about 7 days to learn these fundamentals. If you continue to follow our plan, you will be able to build a successful online business.
Owning an online business is an ongoing process. You will never be done unless you decide to stop earning.

Q. I already know how to build a successful business. What can The 7 Day Success Plan do for me?
A. Owning an online business is all about helping other people do the same. If you already have a successful business you probably have a lot of newcomers joining you who do not know how to advertise online.
You can either teach them yourself or have them join The 7 Day Success Plan with you. Then we teach them and you get to do what you do best, advertise some more. You bring the people to The 7 Day Success Plan and let us help your business grow.

Q. I already have a successful business. Do you want me to give that one up to join you?
A. Absolutely Not! Our Gold Members Package will allow you to promote your main business while you build a stronger business with us.
We help all your referrals by teaching them how to build a great online business no matter what that business is. They will see your main program as the top program to join on our Core Programs list. Read about our Gold Members Package Here.

Q. Which programs do you use with The 7 Day Success Plan?
A. We use several different programs. We do not want to mention them here because people tend to run off and join them before they join The 7 Day Success Plan. Then they are not joining from their sponsor and the strength in downlines is broken.
Q. What is the strength in downlines?
A. When you join a program from someone who is doing nothing, you don’t get any possible spillover or spillup. We build strong downlines when everyone is joining the same programs as a group.
There is strength in numbers. If you join from an active group, you may see people in your downline that you did not refer. If you join from a dead sponsor, you will be doing it all on your own. Our members are active because our plan works.

We are not promising spillover or spillup, of course. Just pointing it out as a possibility when you follow our plan.

Q. What if I am already a member of one or more of the programs you recommend?
A. We do not require our members to rejoin programs that they are already in. If you have done nothing with a program and have no downline or income coming from a program you joined before you found us, we suggest you quit and rejoin from you sponsor at The 7 Day Success Plan. It is never mandatory though.
Q. How many programs will I have to join?
A. You will not have to join any programs if you don’t want to. Building a business takes several different types of advertising. For this reason we use several different advertising programs. We do not require you to join any of them but we highly recommend you use them all. The number of programs we use fluctuates as new program come available and/or old programs lose their zest. We can only say several.
Q. How much will all of this cost me?
A. You can get started for as little as $1.25. The faster you upgrade in the programs we recommend the more money you will be able to make, sooner. If you have more time than money, we will show you how to build your business with less money and more time. If you have more money than time, it will be the other way around.
We understand that some budgets are tight. You have to understand that building a business will take an investment of both time and money.

Many of the programs we use are ‘Pay Once, Earn Forever’ programs so you will not be making a lot of monthly payments to build a business with us.

Q. How much work do I have to do?
A. Plan to spend an hour or two each day, if possible. Again, if you have more money than time, we will show you how to get some of your advertising done for you, at a price. Less money, more work. Just like the real world.
Q. What is the work I will be doing?
A. We advertise and stay in touch with our referrals and sponsor. Your main job will be advertising. You will write to your referrals and sponsor from time to time. We offer sample letters to make that easier for you.
Q. Will I be employed by The 7 Day Success Plan?
A. NO. You will be building your own business. You work when you want to and keep all the money you make.
Q. What if I need to take some time off?
A. Then you take the time off. You will be owning your own business and can set your own schedule. Remember though, if you do not advertise you cannot expect your business to grow.
Q. What if I have a question that is not answered here?
A. We have a private members forum where a lot of help can be found. If you can’t get your answer there or if you are not a member yet, use our Help Desk to ask your question.
Please DO NOT write to us asking us to explain how our plan works. The 7 Day Success Plan is free to join and free to use. Set up an account and look around. If you are not interested in continuing, send us a support ticket requesting an account deletion and we will delete your account for you.

Q. How do I delete my account?
A. Send us a support ticket requesting an account deletion and we will delete your account for you.