Gold Member Benefits

Our Awesome Gold Package Upgrade

Even though it is possible to get full benefits from The 7 Day Success Plan without upgrading to Gold, there are some important things to consider before you decide if Gold is right for you. Please read over this list of benefits before you make your mind up.

Many people come into The 7 Day Success Plan with a ‘Main’ program already. It is difficult to keep up with the advertising on two programs. (It’s like trying to build two houses at one time.) We understand this and solved the problem. Our Gold members get to add their main program to our Core Programs Lists.

All of your personal referrals will see your main program before they even see our Core programs. Your program is at the top of the list.

Now you can advertise The 7 Day Success Plan and help people all over the world, who are lost online and really want a Great Online Business. You offer The 7 Day Success Plan to them and they will also be exposed to your main program. Not only that but we will teach them how to advertise online. Now your main program explodes!

They join The 7 Day Success Plan.
They see your main program and join you.
They upgrade to Gold and add your main program as their main program.
They advertise The 7 Day Success Plan and people join them.
They see your referral’s main program, which is also your main program, and join it.

Can you see where this is going? WOW! Did you hear that explosion?

That, alone, is worth the monthly upgrade price for our Gold Package BUT, there is a whole lot more. Keep Reading…

  1. Your 125×125 Banner Rotating on our 10,000+ members.

    You will be able to add a 125×125 banner for your main program to our site. This banner will appear at the top of almost every page on this site.

  2. Use of our ‘In-House Downline Mailer’ to stay in touch with your direct referrals.

    Communication is the KEY to building a strong business. Staying in touch with your referrals can be a big chore if you are sending out individual emails everyday.

    No need to send out individual emails to your direct referrals when you are a Gold member. Add one message, click a button and all your directs will receive your message in their inbox. Most programs that offer this option will allow you to do this once a week. We allow our Gold Members to contact their referrals every 24 hours.
  3. Your Own Private, Password Protected, Forum.

    Setting up and maintaining a private forum is very time consuming. We do all the work for you. We set it up. We make sure it continues to run smooth. We keep spammers out.

    All you do is give your private password to those people you want to have in your private forum and run your business behind closed doors.
  4. Everyone knows how important it is to brand yourself online. To do this you need your own domain, hosting and the ability to create your own advertising materials. Not for our Gold members though. We offer TWO very powerful benefits to our Gold members.

    The first benefit is Branded Advertising Materials. You can have your name and even your picture on our advertising materials. WOW! That is HUGE!

    The second benefit is FREE use of our QUIK About Me website. This website allows you to create a branded About Me page in about 30 minutes. Fill in your information, click a couple of buttons and you have your very own About Me page that you can use anywhere. We charge $4.99 a month for the use of this site but our Gold members at The 7 Day Success Plan get to use it for FREE! Check it out.

  5. Our Core Programs pages are downline builders. That means when you join the recommended programs on our Core Programs pages you will add your referral information. The people who join The 7 Day Success Plan will then join those programs from you. This works for all members, free or Gold.

    We also have some Recommended Advertising Resources and Marketing Tools that we suggest all members join. Gold members are able to add their referral information to the Advertising Resources and Marketing Tools pages. Free members cannot.

We are always looking for more benefits to add to our Gold Package. As time goes on, there is a great possibility that the price of this package will go up.

Right now, we have been told, we are offering way too much for way too little. We like it that way and always want to offer you more than you are paying for. The point is, anyone who is upgraded when we raise the price will not pay the higher price. So, if you are thinking about becoming a Gold member of The 7 Day Success Plan, do it now before the price goes up.

All about the Money…

Our Gold Package is $12.99 each month.
Gold Members receive $3.50 each month for each Gold referral they have.
Free members receive $1.00 each month for their Gold referrals.

If you upgrade in your first month of membership, we will offer you a special price of $9.99 each month for our Awesome Gold Member Package. You will pay this discounted amount for as long as you remain a Gold member no matter what happens to our Gold Package price. Instructions on how to receive this Special Price are in your members area.

Yep, we give you a whole month to decide if you want to upgrade at the lower price. Most programs offer a One Time Discount that you have to accept during the sign up process. How do you know if you want to pay for an upgrade if you have never seen your back office?

We do not have a One Time Offer. We give you a month to decide. You probably won’t need a month but we are giving it to you anyway.