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We prefer members of The 7 Day Success Plan use the members forum for all general support issues whenever possible. This leaves this support desk open for your possible referrals who are asking us questions about our system. Please allow us to reserve this support area for those people who do not have access to our other support area, the forum. (If your question or concern is of a personal nature, please feel free to write us here.)If you are a member of The 7 Day Success Plan and you must use this Help Desk,Please Add Your 7Day Username to All Support Tickets. It is easier to help you if we know who you are. Thanks!

ALSO NOTE: When we answer a support ticket we automatically close it. This is because most tickets are complete at that point. If your concern is not complete you can easily open the ticket again by responding to it. Then we are alerted of a new ticket and will see your reopened ticket. (If we left them all open we would never know who responded and who didn’t without opening each ticket over and over again.

Please keep the conversation in the same ticket as the first one. To write a new ticket each time adds more work for you and for us. Thanks!

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